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are still in the hospital with very serious injuries. yesterday we struggled to watch patty campbell fight back tears as she talked about her beautiful and always smiling daughter crystal. this 29-year-old woman from arlington, and lindsey lou, a boston university graduate student who was from th a city n china, were also taken from us. events like those of monday remind us, yes, that evil still exists in the world. but these events also remind us of how unified and resilient the american people are. mr. president, while the city of boston witnessed terror, we also witnessed remarkable displays of bravery, support, kindness, and compassion. the nation and the world saw the best of the people in the commonwealth during monday's tragic events. countless residents showed such strength and grace in the face of this terrible tragedy. i'm in awe of the bravery shown by our police, fire, and emergency personnel. i'm so proud of the medical providers, volunteers, and spectators who rushed towards the noise and smoke to help the injured even as they themselves remained in imminent danger. they help
along the way. hanks very much. >> on behalf of krystle campbell, martin richard, lingzi lu, on behalf of the m.i.t. officer who was lost last night and the transit police offir who was injured, on behalf of the hundreds of people who were hurt by the explosions at the marathon, i want to say how ecchge, to l t law eorce wrk so well and together, together to bring us to tonight's conclusion. it was a very, veryicated case. it was a challengingase and there aril questions remaining to be answered. but as the colol said because of the extraordinary collaboration and croorp croopion by all of the -- w ration- peration have susct in custody night. their participation in this investigation by reviewing photographs of their own and others that were hundred through media ae thanu for at. helping us narrow in on these suspects. they were helpful and patient d we're grateful for that as well. tonight, i think we're going to easy. >> the zpwoffer and the colonel have put it well. tonight we feel a tremendous sense of gratitude and relief. the ordeal that this community and this neighborhood has
civic participation, melanie campbell. and to her right is the national executive director of national action network, tamika mallory. to my left on our special panel, and words cannot describe this lady and many of you saw her last niringt on politics nation, she is the widow of the co-pilot of the civil rights movement, ralph -- reverend ralph davis abernathy, the one and only ms. juanita abernathy. dr. king called them his favorite -- called him his favorite preacher, the pastor emeritus of the baptist church in cleveland and one of the pre- -- preeminent ministers of our history, the reverend otis marks [applause] one of the leading figures of the civil rights movement who was in the trenches for the last 50 years, unparalleled in black history, honored to have reverend c.t. goodyear. [applause] and of course the founding president of the rainbow/push coalition, who headed in the 1960's operation breadbasket, where i started under he and reverend william augustus jones jr. and reverend john scott. and went on to found operation push, ran for president and has been a guiding force t
Search Results 500 to 502 of about 503